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Our Crew

oneforneptune whitefish jerky crew

Nick Mendoza, CEO

Nick wishes he'd been born with gills but does his best to live a seafaring existence without ‘em. Claiming both San Diego, CA and his family ranch in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico as home, he was raised with an innate respect for land & sea, their preservation being of the utmost importance. Before taking the helm at OneForNeptune, Nick worked in sustainable aquaculture research and marine science in eight countries, which included tagging sharks and tuna at sea, and several trans-Pacific sailing voyages. Deep in Nick’s heart, you’ll find a commitment to sustainable seas, healthier, more delicious food, and disruptive change, which are guiding tenets of OneForNeptune. When he’s not in the Captain’s quarters, you’ll find Nick deep underwater chasing fish and abalone or off-trail in the backcountry of New Mexico (depending on whether it’s a surf or turf time of the year).

oneforneptune whitefish jerky crew

James Coop, CMO

James is an Englishman by heart and avid adventurer. Sailing since an early age he developed a fondness for the open waters of the seas. Before James celebrated his 20th birthday, he successfully established, developed, and sold his first business. His desire for more pushed him to pursue his studies at the University of Loughborough. In 2010 he set up a luxury eCommerce company which has allowed him to travel extensively, picking up the important marketing, negotiation, buying, selling, and operational skills required for business. James is a foodie with a passion for travel. He loves efficiency and smooth operations. In his downtime, he's often found very close to or on the water.

oneforneptune whitefish jerky crew

Garrett Delgado, CFO

Financial, legal, and contract expert. After studying Economics at Stanford University, Garrett went to work a for a Southern California based commercial real estate corporation, rising to become CFO of the $640M company in four years. He moved on from this role in hopes of generating greater social and environmental impact through his work and found OneForNeptune. Hailing from the Palos Verdes Peninsula, a Los Angeles coastal suburb, Garrett developed a love for the sea inspecting the tide pools of Abalone Cove and making his fondest memories on the sunny, sandy, Southern California beaches with his family.