White Fish Fiery Cajun Jerky



Our fiery blend of Cajun spices invigorates the taste buds of adventure seekers on the trail, cliff face, and open water.  Inspired by Creole chefs from the Louisiana Bayou who have long-lasting traditions of preserving meat, we dry and add powerful spice combinations of cayenne, paprika, garlic, thyme, salt, and peppers.  We have incorporated these stories, mouthwatering blends to pay homage to the people who worked to better utilize undervalued fish!

First crafted in my home kitchen, our wild-caught whitefish jerkies are ethically sourced from “Best Choice” small-scale US West Coast fisheries. Our mission is to innovate and incite change in the seafood industry by building a healthy, sustainable relationship with the ocean. We support the hardworking fishers who have our oceans in their hearts, helping to preserve a bluer future for you, for me, and for the Sea.

A wave of change is on its way. Welcome aboard!

Nicolas E. Mendoza


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