Our Story

Welcome to OneForNeptune,

Our story begins with Nicolas E. Mendoza. As a marine scientist, Nick was a member of several trans-Pacific research expeditions, sailing a Brigantine-style Tall Ship equipped for advanced oceanographic research across the open sea. Tall Ship sailors, to this day, rigidly maintain the traditions and superstitions of Olde, including that of the Swizzle—an end of voyage celebration marking a successful ocean crossing. On the eve of journey's end, drinks are poured and the captain addresses his crew, offering congratulations and thanks to all. In this moment, before festivities can begin, a ritual toast must be made to Neptune, paying homage to the protector who granted safe passage across his realm. The first drink is poured into the sea. OneForNeptune maintains tradition, paying homage to the ocean, for all it offers through a business model that gives back, with the aim of generating a healthy, sustainable relationship with the ocean, for a bluer future.

Fish Jerky History:

Fish jerky helped build the modern world. 1000 years ago, the Vikings filled their Longships with dried cod as they sailed into uncharted waters, Roman Legions marched to war with tuna jerky in their kitbags, and Medieval Basques created a vast trade network in dried fish. To this day, dried fish remains a celebrated tradition in places like Iceland, Norway, Japan, and Southeast Asia; however, these delicious and nutritious snack items are extremely limited on the US market until now.