White Fish Jerky Honey Lemon Ginger



White Fish Jerky, Honey Lemon and Ginger.  Flavoured with a blend of natural spices to stimulate your taste buds.

Balancing zesty lemon, rich honey, and refreshing ginger, a blend of sweet and savory is packed into every bite.  Perfect for every palate. Delicious flavor combinations compliment a spring picnic and afternoon sail. 

Our mission is “to innovate and incite change in the seafood industry by building a healthy, sustainable relationship with the ocean”, which we do by crafting nutritious, high-protein snacks made from premium quality seafood. First developed in my home kitchen, our wild-caught whitefish jerkies are ethically sourced from small-scale US West Coast fisheries, supporting the men and women who are doing things right, helping to preserve a bluer future for you, for me, and for the Sea.

A wave of change is on its way. Welcome aboard!

Nicolas Mendoza

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